We are only at the beginning of our fight.
The goal of our association is to raise funds to invest in research organization to cure ataxia telangiectasia.
Being an orphan disease, it is not well enough known, so we would like to raise awarness of the general public.

The announcement of the diagnosis is a blow for the families, we want to be able to help the people who are in this complicated situation.

We also try to be, at most, the intermediate between the affected families and the medical professionnals . In particular , we want to keep families informed of all the progress made in research.

Having a sick child generateds huge financial expenses and one of the goals of the association is to help families who need it financial support
Many adaptations, whether at the level of the facilities of the house, vehicles, equipment (wheelchair, …), visits to medical specialists or others are necessary and it is not conceivable for us not to be able to offer to the best to these children!

Thanks to the donations, we would like to help all families who do not have the financial means to provide their child with appropriate care!

We want to ensure that all these children have the best possible life and that they will not lack anything!

Offering them, in a way, comfort and a maximum of support.